Hi!  I’m Johnathan Pagnutti.  I’m currently working as a Data Scientist at Zynga, this is my page from back when I was a PhD student. It mostly lists my academic work– my professional and industry resume can be found here.

My research was focused around Generative Methods (a subfield of AI), under three broad categories:

Alternate Domains:  I’m interested in new places for AI to explore in.  Currently my work with cocktail recipe generation, smoothie recipe generation and flavor modeling takes existing techniques and tries to adapt them to new problems.

Alternate Techniques:  I’m interested in developing new techniques for existing AI domains.  From adapting music theory to inform automatic structure detection in platformer levels, to multi-agent AI art communes that operate based on artist workshop practice, I want to explore different ways for AI to operate.

Interactivity: Games have, historically, been a place where people engage with AI.  I’m interested in bringing game design to a wider audience, under the hope that new perspectives in games can help fuel new perspectives on AI interaction.  From bringing academic games criticism to a wider audience to helping organize a yearly communal analogue game jam, I want to make games as highly of an inclusive space as possible.

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